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What business owners say about us

Heritage did what they said they were going to do, they took care of my team, they tripled my business in size, expanded to the West Coast, opened a new successful operation in Canada (which today is doing $20m+ in revenue 4 years later). They are skilled executives and business operators, but above all they are trustworthy and honest good people.

Paul Maiuri

Founder of Maicom Electrical Corp

I would 100% do the exact transaction again and prioritize non‐monetary aspects, as Alex and Ross have taken care of the business and the company, and employees are thriving more than ever.

Yale School of Management Case Study May 2nd 2022

Shiva Nanda

Founder of NCS Global

Heritage Holding was a great partner. They always stayed true to their word, listened to our advice, and valued every single employee. They were also a great additional resource for BCT: they helped with finance, patient recruiting, legal, and HR, so we could focus on clinical operations. They also helped us expand by bringing new therapeutic areas and additional principal investigators.

Irene Axelrod

Founder of Boston Clinical Trials

Meet the Founders of Heritage Holding

We are entrepreneurs and operators at heart

Ross and Alex led and built several successful companies in telecom services, technology and distribution industries

We strongly believe that being strong operators makes us better investors

Our Approach

Selective Partnerships

We take a focused approach and aim to partner with a small number of companies at any given time unlike a traditional private equity firm. This allows us to be truly supportive to the founders and executives that we work with. We are highly involved in driving operational and growth initiatives at our companies.

IT & Systems Focused

Assess areas where additional investment in enterprise technology, employee incentives, and incremental headcount will support increased productivity. Heritage prioritizes financial planning & analysis, product management, and business support to add capacity and allow management teams to focus on the core business.

Hands-on Collaboration

We understand the culture, people, and processes that have made a company great are critical. Heritage works side by side with existing leadership teams and employees to keep organizations on the path for success.

Leading Growth

Heritage has an established track record of acquiring blue-chip customers for our partners through involvement in RFP processes and leveraging our expansive industry relationships to win new business. Beyond customer acquisition, Heritage Holding has led organic expansion into new markets and countries for our partners.

Long-term Focus

Our committed capital from family offices allows us to make decisions that are in the best interest of companies in the long run. We do not engage in financial engineering or seek quick profits from turnarounds. Heritage Holding is not subject to the 3-5 year holding period that has become the industry standard for private equity investors.

Strategic Acquisitions

Heritage evaluates strategic acquisition opportunities to expand customer relationships, product offerings, and geographic footprint. Consistent with our overall strategy, we take a conservative approach to follow-on acquisitions, to ensure the strengths of the business are not diluted.